Cooling Tower Legionella

Cooling tower Legionella is an ever increasing concern, especially in many HVAC scenarios such as hospital cooling towers, university cooling towers, and other like applications where the cooling tower exists among a large population. There are six events that must ensue in order for a Legionellosis case to occur: (1) An environmental reservoir must exist; (2) multiplication to high cell counts must occur; (3) there must be a mechanism to disseminate bacteria; (4) the disseminated strain must be virulent; (5) infection must occur at susceptible site on a host; and (6) the host must be susceptible.

Being reservoirs of water and dust, all cooling towers can potentially harbor Legionella sp. bacteria thereby satisfying event (1). Events (4) through (6) are beyond the control of cooling tower manufacturers and operators. Thus we have events (2) and (3) in which to exert a protective influence. The environmentally friendly and operator friendly design of the Tower Tech Modular Cooling Towerâ„¢, especially when combined with a judiciously administered and monitored biocidal treatment regimen, effectively addresses events (2) and (3).

Learn more about how to avoid cooling tower Legionella by visiting our white paper:

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